Snacks & Desserts

This healthy pumpkin pudding recipe is an incredibly versatile dessert. Learn how to make it and some tips on serving it.
These healthy apricot oatmeal cookies are a fun twist on the traditional oatmeal raisin, and they make for a great afternoon snack with tea or milk.
Cookies are treats, but you can make them healthier (without anyone knowing) with this amazing recipe.
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These slightly gooey Cinnamon Maple Macadamias nuts make a great topping for oatmeal or yogurt -- and they don't take much work to make.
Worried about overdoing it this winter? Don't worry, this video covers some creative ways you can create healthy holiday desserts that your guests will love.
Stand out this holiday season by making a spicy pumpkin bundt cake instead of the usual pumpkin pie.
Chocolate cake is not just a delicious treat, it can be good for you -- or at least better thank you think. See why with this SuperFood chocolate cake recipe.
Every person seems to have a favorite family version, but these spiced brandy apple turnovers put a deliciously adult spin on the old favorite.
Don't throw away those pumpkin seeds! Make something delicious and healthy with them instead.
You won't miss the extra calories, and you certainly don't lose any flavor in this tasty recipe.
Most of us love dessert, and if there's a way to enjoy a sweet treat that's good for you, that's a win-win. This healthy baked apple dessert fits the bill.
Once you make your own, you'll never want store-bought chips ever again!
These crunchy bites are as easy to eat as they are to make.
This blueberry yogurt pops recipe is perfect for kids of all ages. Try it out and you can have a sweet treat in a really short time.
This healthy apple oat crisp recipe is the SuperFoods way of getting your fiber and sweets in, all in one bite. This dessert is creamy, sweet and crunchy.
This healthy cucumber yogurt sauce is better than ketchup, Tahini sauce, mayonnaise and sour cream. Plus, it's low on fat and has no sugar.
Rich in phytonutrients and great for your brain and in fighting cancer, this blueberry bread recipe is one sweet treat you won't feel guilty about eating.
This cake takes minutes to prepare and it's absolutely stunning and delicious!
These step-by-step instructions will help you rock some patriotic strawberries this year.
With this recipe you can make a delicious eggless lemon meringue pie. The replacement for the eggs is the water from a can of chickpeas. You won't even notice the difference.
Break away from the tomato! This SuperFood salsa recipe uses the bright flavor of watermelon to add a delicious twist to salty meats and chips. Check it out.
This strawberry kiwi banana compote is delicious on oatmeal in the winter and on pancakes all year round. See how easy it is to make.
Use this fruity mango yogurt cream recipe as a light sauce on desserts such as fruit salad or sponge cake.