If your family's hungry and you have leftover poached salmon from the night before, these roll ups are amazing. If you're having a cocktail party and need finger foods to serve, these will impress your guests.
The balance of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids is crucial to optimal health. Most of us have too high an intake of omega 6.
The fishing industry has changed the way fish naturally eat. There's also mercury in the oceans. See which fish you want to incorporate into a healthy diet.
For a dish with an Eastern flair, try this amazing Asian-style honey mustard salmon with bok choy. It's easy to make and you have a few different options for serving it.
Salmon's decadent, buttery flavors are made even better with a little spice. Try this chipotle salmon recipe with spicy peanut salsa and be impressed.
Hankering for a healthy recipe that's bursting with flavor? This SuperFood salmon recipe combines two key SuperFoods, is super easy and really delicious.
Tired of roast chicken or broiled fish? Don't be intimated by poaching. Try this recipe, and you'll be impressed with yourself. Guaranteed.
These salmon tacos will end all fish tacos. Salmon is usually not used in restaurant-bought tacos because it's a little pricey. But you're worth it, so cook it up!
We love wild salmon because it's fatty and delicious. It turns out that the fat in wild salmon is beneficial and loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.