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Certain SuperFoods can help maintain heart health and prevent congestive heart failure. Controlling high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and coronary artery disease is key.
Some people say honey cures cough. Is that true? While "cure" may be a strong word, we do have some great facts on how it can help.
Wondering if there are natural heartburn remedies that you can reduce or eliminate heartburn / acid reflux? Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena uncovered 5!
How do you know if you're getting enough omega 3 fatty acids in your diet? What are the risks of getting too much? Read about the dangers.
There's so much benefit in orange nutrition, lime nutrition and lemon nutrition. While we no longer suffer from scurvy, getting our Vitamin C is crucial.
The balance of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids is crucial to optimal health. Most of us have too high an intake of omega 6.
People often ask, "Are peanuts good for you?" Good news: Studies have shown that peanuts are just as beneficial as more expensive nuts.
Beans and obesity are perfect together if you're trying to get lose weight but have an insatiable appetite. Beans are filling and low in calories.
Several studies have shown a connection between soy and health promotion. Soy is good for hormone balance, bones, the heart and cholesterol levels.
What if you could decrease your risk of cavities with food, in addition to brushing and flossing? You can! Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena shows you how.
Is there a true connection between folic acid and birth defects? Find out how much you need and the science between folic acid and overall baby health.
What is angiogenesis, why should you care, and how is it tied to SuperFoods? Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena breaks down this exciting new research so we can understand it.
Know someone suffering from joint problems such as arthritis? Can diet improve joint health? Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena checks out the science for answers.
Food addiction is an often debilitating biochemical disease, not very different from drug addiction. In fact, it targets the same regions of the brain.
The WCRF released the most comprehensive report on cancer and lifestyle ever published. Check it out along with our cancer prevention tips.
Mindful eating is an important part of losing weight and staying healthier. Trying a Superfoods diet resolution can get you there.
The health risks of fake sugar include increased cravings and over eating as well as becoming more prone to cancer.
Not sure if artificial sweeteners are bad for you or if margarine is okay to bake with? You need to watch this video.
Eating together isn't just a social event -- it can help reduce stress and decrease your risk of eating disorders and substance abuse. See why...
Unlike what most people assume, the more you snooze, the more you lose! See what guest author Wendy Bazilian discovered.
It's no secret that too many kids are overweight. If you're wondering how to avoid childhood obesity, here are 13 suggestions.
These nutritional tricks can help you find freedom from daily stresses. See what works and what hurts.
Has your jet-setting lifestyle hit a snag due to jet lag? Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena has some tips that can help.
Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena breaks down the five cancer-fighting phytochemical groups will help you be the healthiest you!
It's a frightening topic, but there are steps we can all take to avoid Alzheimer's disease. While there's no guarantee, this new research can help.
A type 2 diabetes diet should consist of a breakfast for a king, a lunch for a prince and dinner for a pauper. A big breakfast is healthy for everyone.
Were you taught that acne and nutrition weren't directly connected? We look at recent figures that say otherwise -- and how SuperFoods can help your skin.
Think eating carrots is the best way to protect your eyesight? Think again.
It’s a dark, lonely, dangerous swim those sperm have to make to connect with an egg, so it’s a good idea to do what you can to make sure they’re as powerful as possible
To produce better sperm with optimal sperm motility it's important to get the proper nutrients. See what's on the list.
Complacency is one of the chief killers of a person's health goals. See the current stats on the subject, and concrete ways to overcome it in your life.
Broccoli is linked to heartburn in people with sensitive digestive systems because of the soluble fiber content and carbohydrates.
What does SuperFoodsRx think about the connection between coffee and diabetes? Like with everything on this site, it's science based.
Children and heart disease is a very relevant topic in today's world. Far too many youth are eating fatty diets and not getting enough exercise. Find out how to reverse the ill-effects of poor habits and help your child thrive.
Not feeling well? Want to stave off that cold everyone is getting. Turkey could be the answer. Learn about the turkey, zince and immune system connection.
Wondering how to get a brain workout? If not, you should. We explain why -- and how to make your brain as healthy as it can be.
A growing body of research points to a link between what you eat and how you feel. Try these foods to fight depression as a part of your overall plan to feel and live better.
According to a leading expert on breastfeeding and diet, eating beans while breastfeeding is not harmful to a nursing baby. Learn why beans are a baby SuperFood and how they can improve health.
Is kiwi good for pregnancy? Yes, and the reasons may surprise you. Find out which nutrient in kiwis makes it one of the best SuperFoods for pregnant women.
Is it true that garlic helps sleep? Learn what experts have to say about garlic's effects on your sleep patterns and how to maximize your rest periods.
While many people extol the virtues of drinking cinnamon and honey tea for various health benefits, a predominant belief is that this mixture will lead to speedy weight loss. The generally held belief is that a cinnamon and honey tea is a useful tool for those seeking to drop a few pounds. Weight loss sites... Read more »
The best way to take supplements is with food, preferably with breakfast. It just takes time to form a habit you should never break.
Negative thoughts can literally kill you. We all know that stress leads to poor health, but so does anger. Here are tips on becoming more positive.
Sweaty feet are a common problem, but there are some things you can do manage your digits.
The French paradox is that they drink lots of wine, eat steak frites and don't get heart attacks as often as we do. Why is this so?
Stress is both a powerful motivator and dangerous strain that can harm your health. Here are some tips to reduce stress and relax more.
Think you know everything about protecting your skin? Think again! There's more to it than using an SPF 15 sunscreen. Get the facts here...
Have you been reusing plastic bottles that water or soda comes in? You could be putting your health at risk. Get the full breakdown from our doctor.
Looking for ways to lower breast cancer risk? Choline is a vital nutrient that may be the cure you're looking for. Find out more.
If you or someone you know suffers from allergies and eczema, you know it can suck. Are there some natural remedies for eczema, allergies and asthma? Indeed there are...
Think you're destined to die of a family disease? Think again! You've got more control over your genetics than you know. See why.
Looking for Ways to live a healthier life? It's not as tough as you think. Check out these small, simple changes that can make a big difference.
A study suggested as much, but it's not all bad news. See how real social networks can help as well as harm you.
If you're pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, this is a must-read article from our own Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena.
Have you ever wondered if any of the foods you eat could help fight infection? They can! Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena explains it all.
Follow these sure-fire weight loss tips and you'll be satisfied with the results.
It prevents fatigue, keeps you on your toes and prevents disease. Water is the most important thing we consume every day, but many of us don't get enough.
Two important studies on omega 3s for weight loss show that they can help dieters. But are they a miracle weight-loss cure? See what the science says.
Have you noticed a strange rash around your mouth and perhaps your eyes? Is it crusty, flaky, bumpy, and red? It may not be what you think.
Many parents worry about putting their children on long-term stimulant medications as the antidote to ADHD. See what science says about foods that can help and harm your child.
We all need it, men included, for normal functioning of our tissues, endocrine organs, our hormones, and bones. But is it toxic? We break it down.
People are wary of nuts for health because of the high calories and high fat . People are also afraid of nut allergies. Find out truth, which is more complicated and very positive.
There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet concerning tomatoes and gout. Can tomatoes prevent it, treat it, cause it? Here’s what we’ve found.
Learn what scientific research has to say about what's become some people's favorite pasttime.
If you're serious about losing weight, learn what really works. You'll be surprised by the scientific findings.
Waist to hip ratio is a new measurement doctors are using to predict a patient's susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Discover the 5 steps to healthy poop and how they can help improve your health.
You may think it's a smart diet plan, but the facts say otherwise.
For better sperm quality, men must avoid exposure to harsh pollutants at home and in the workplace. Cell phones, laptops and iPads may also be a problem.
Learn more about food addiction, a debilitating biochemical illness that has only recently gained interest in the scientific community.
A rising diet trend involves the kinds of foods you eat -- specifically foods for boosting your metabolism. Check out this video on 5 of the best.
A new study finds a link between coffee consumption and erectile dysfunction. There seems to be a sweet spot regarding the amount men should consume, however.
Good nutrition is key to good eyesight, but so is purchasing the right pair of specs. Here's a checklist of what you should look for when buying them.
Infertility is not only about women. Men can actively build better sperm, and increasing sperm count is more fun than you'd think!
Nothing is more critical than protecting our vision. Here's a list of SuperFood nutrients that can improve eye health for years to come.
We can’t eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to handle it in smarter ways — starting with using SuperFoods to reduce stress.
Are you sabotaging your sex life? Depending on what’s in your diet, you might be ruining your libido without even realizing it.
Who cares about fiber? Isn’t it just for old people? Not so. Learn what fiber is all about and how it can improve your life.
Having trouble performing? It may not be a lack of interest or your age.
Learn how to overcome PMS and increase your quality of life. Do you have more power than you think? See what recent research has to say.
Yes, it's safe, but the question requires more than a yes or no answer. Get all the facts here.
Calcium is great, but new research has shown that the spectrum of nutrients needed for bone health is more vast than most people think.
Sleep health benefits are underrated, and many people don't get enough shut-eye. Lack of sleep predisposes you to illnesses.
Have you noticed your school-aged children are more moody and irritable since school started? Are they forgetting how to do assignments they accomplished easily at the end of the last school year? Studies show they might be suffering from mild sleep deprivation! And no wonder. The transition from summer habits of staying up later at... Read more »
Everyone has trouble staying on track with healthy eating during the holidays. Here are tips to approaching the season so you can enjoy yourself without feeling bad.
There have been some pretty wild and crazy health headlines recently relating to taking daily supplements. See what the latest research says.
Get the facts about coffee and cholesterol. Is it food for your body or does it cause greater harm? Find out what the experts have to say.
What's the link between blueberries and Alzheimer's? Research shows how that sweet treat might help fight memory loss.
The oats heartburn connection may not have a thing to do with oats at all. It may be what you’re eating with your oats or how you’re preparing them are to blame. Find out more.
Obesity in America is a tragic epidemic, and we "weigh in" second only to Mexico. See what simple changes you can make to change that state of the union.
Recent studies say that most over-the-counter cold medicines don't really work, but this common cold remedy has natural health users perking up.
Making positive, permanent change isn’t a matter of willpower. It’s a skill. You can learn how to do it with these 9 steps. You can do it! 1. Make a list of your goals. Start generally with things like “be active” and “eat healthy.” Expand the list with specific goals like “eat broccoli 5 times... Read more »