Nuts and weight loss can work hand-in-hand. Despite being high in calories, nuts can actually help you lose weight.
People often ask, "Are peanuts good for you?" Good news: Studies have shown that peanuts are just as beneficial as more expensive nuts.
A study on nuts and diabetes has shown us that good fats, fiber and magnesium can be beneficial, not only for the heart but also for insulin and glucose.
Nut health benefits cover both mind and body. Rich in vitamins C and E, as well as folic acid and copper, nuts can safeguard your mental acuity.
Walnuts are the headlining nut of Superfoods because walnuts benefits are the most impressive, with almonds and pistachios following close behind.
Walnuts omega 3 content is not the only benefit of this nut. Walnuts contain arginine, an essential amino acid that reduces blood pressure and hypertension.
People are wary of nuts for health because of the high calories and high fat . People are also afraid of nut allergies. Find out truth, which is more complicated and very positive.
Looking for tips on buying nuts and storing them properly? We've got some easy tips for you.
Enjoy these pumpkin pie spiced nuts with any of your favorite nuts -- and at any time of year. It's easy to make and adapt for any season.
To get nut health benefits, eat them regularly. Studies have found nuts to be helpful in preventing heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.