Lunch & Dinner

If your family's hungry and you have leftover poached salmon from the night before, these roll ups are amazing. If you're having a cocktail party and need finger foods to serve, these will impress your guests.
Our cranberry orange turkey recipe boosts bold flavors with the added benefits of SuperFoods and the SuperSpice, cinnamon.
Looking for a grilling alternative to the same old burger? This salmon burgers recipe offers a healthy twist on a timeless classic.
This healthy chicken and apple recipe is the love child of roast chicken and apple pie. It tastes so good, you'll never eat boring chicken again.
We love this four bean chili recipe for its simplicity and the fact that we can freeze it and serve it again later.
'Turkey Myths Debunked & Secrets Revealed' covers a lot of the untrue basic beliefs surrounding the cooking of this SuperFood, and reveals the truth. Check it out.
This tarragon turkey salad recipe is really full of great flavor, and a fantastic way to use up those turkey leftovers.
This healthy lemon dijon salad packs everything we love in one package: great flavors and easy preparation.
Not a gourmet cook? No problem! Just learn how to cook a turkey in a crock pot and avoid the trussing, stuffing, roasting and basting. Watch the video.
You can never have enough gravy during a holiday meal, and this video for a no fail turkey gravy will make sure you've got the dinner and leftovers covered!
These delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes will add great variety to your menu, and help you enjoy a healthier holiday. Check out the video.
Holiday cooking is stressful, but Rachel Ray put together a great Thanksgiving staple foods list that can help you through the season. Watch it here!
This healthy spinach pasta recipe is a nutritious twist on the classic bolognese sauce with ground turkey substituting ground beef.
This simple video will have you all set for the big holiday meal.
These big, delicious, healthy turkey meatballs can be eaten solo, with pasta or with bread as a meatball sub. You can make this with tofu too.
After you try this recipe, you'll be making pumpkin penne often -- we guarantee it.
This SuperFoods-heavy healthy white bean soup recipe with greens and rosemary is a delightful take on a favorite from Tuscany, Italy. It's sure to please.
Jackfruit isn't something you'll necessarily find in your local grocery store, but we'll help you locate it for this delicious recipe.
The vegan chefs have also found a way to turn one of our favorite SuperFoods sidekicks into a main dish with this amazing recipe.
Before you throw out the stuffing in your gourd, you're going to want to check out this amazing recipe.
Nothing expresses summertime BBQ like an old fashion burger -- and you can enjoy a great, healthy version with this yummy turkey burger recipe.
This healthy bean and veggie burrito recipe is a great for those who like to get creative and add their own special touch to a classic Mexican favorite.
You no longer need to head out to a restaurant for your favorite dish of shrimp in peanut sauce. Believe it or not, you can make a dish that's just as good and even better for you.
Make an entire tenderloin for a family dinner, and you'll have delicious leftovers for salads and sandwiches for the rest of the week.
Wow your family with this dish that's as fancy as dining out and nearly as quick as making a sandwich.
You can make these fish tacos and the special salsa in less than a half hour. Get ready to grill!
Turkey is really versatile, allowing it go with almost any side dish, but this lime pecan crusted turkey breast is absolutely decadent.
For a dish with an Eastern flair, try this amazing Asian-style honey mustard salmon with bok choy. It's easy to make and you have a few different options for serving it.
Hummus has met its perfect match with avocados, and you have to try it.
This salad is a cinch to make and it tastes like you spent hours cooking it. Don't we wish all meals were this easy!
Being a vegetarian has never been this fun before. For hardcore carnivores: yes, you can add meat if you have to.
This recipe can be tailored to your taste: Vegetarians can use cheese instead of turkey, and if you prefer chicken over turkey -- go for it.
Not sure what to do with that leftover wild rice? Turn it into an exotic salad that everyone will enjoy.
This healthy tuna salad recipe incorporates canned Albacore tuna with SuperFoods, eggs, mustard and spices for a whole new taste.
If you're tired of turkey burgers and plain old turkey breast, this is the perfect recipe to try out next time you plan to cook turkey. Who says you can only eat stuffing during Thanksgiving?
This penne with broccoli recipe has a sweet and salty Asian flair to it. It's a super fast, one-dish meal that everyone will enjoy.
Salmon's decadent, buttery flavors are made even better with a little spice. Try this chipotle salmon recipe with spicy peanut salsa and be impressed.
Is it possible to have a delicious taco without any cooking? Yes!
Move over pork: Here's something tastier and healthier.
Hankering for a healthy recipe that's bursting with flavor? This SuperFood salmon recipe combines two key SuperFoods, is super easy and really delicious.
Super versatile, you can serve this garlic and black pepper marinade salmon either hot or chilled -- for sandwiches, salads, or even a buffet.
Yes, there is such a thing as a healthy orange chicken recipe. It looks like a lot of work, but this is easy to make if you assemble everything in advance.
You'll be shocked by how easy it is to make these beautiful edibles.
Try this quick and easy recipe that kids will love. Croquettes look and sound more complicated than they are to make.
Tired of roast chicken or broiled fish? Don't be intimated by poaching. Try this recipe, and you'll be impressed with yourself. Guaranteed.
This spicy tofu salad is sure to please anyone who wants to cook with soy without having a bland meal. If you've never cooked with tofu before, you'll be hooked after trying this recipe.
Chicken salad with grapes or chicken salad with mango--you choose! Both versions are superb and satisfying with yogurt instead of mayonnaise.
Making tomato stuffed tuna salad is easy but it looks like it took hours to prepare. These are great for parties or for a cold family meal on a hot night.
These lentil meatballs will have you wondering why you haven't been a vegetarian all your life. This recipe is so versatile that you can easily make lentil hamburgers.
Crunchy lettuce wrapped around turkey goodness couldn't be any more satisfying.
Pita Pizzas are fun and easy to make. Kids will love helping you make them by adding their favorite toppings!
These salmon tacos will end all fish tacos. Salmon is usually not used in restaurant-bought tacos because it's a little pricey. But you're worth it, so cook it up!
There are many tofu recipes out there but this stir fry is easy to make and absolutely delicious, even to meat eaters.
These vegetable kabobs can be eaten raw or grilled. A simple marinade makes any veggies you choose to skewer delectable by bringing out their natural flavor.
This Bean Salad recipe with Orange Dijon and Balsamic Dressing is made with three different kinds of beans and lots of natural flavors.
This healthy pasta e fagioli can serve as a hearty lunch or dinner when accompanied by a salad and some rustic whole wheat bread.
There may be a lot of noodles with spinach recipes out there, but this Asian spin on a favorite is really amazing and easy to make.
Looking for great SuperFood halibut recipes? This one is a really flavorful dish that's perfect for those warm days when you want something light.