Raw garlic benefits surpass cooked garlic benefits, but both are very beneficial to your health while adding flavor to your meals.
Garlic has several properties that benefit the heart. The selenium benefits in garlic also work to fight heart disease and cancer at the same time.
We can't say that garlic cures cancer, but it certainly seems to prevent it. It's only a matter of time before scientists fully understand garlic's powers.
The best way to get garlic benefits is from cloves, but garlic powder will give you the essentials in milder doses.
While it's difficult to say that garlic cures infections, studies now tell us it's a helpful antibiotic. Get the latest findings here.
Is it true that garlic helps sleep? Learn what experts have to say about garlic's effects on your sleep patterns and how to maximize your rest periods.
The health benefits of garlic are just as amazing as its ability to flavor dishes. It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral powers as well as other benefits.
Discover the many health benefits of garlic and how it may play a huge role in extending your life.