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This orange fruit has been gaining more of a grocery store presence, but how nutritious are persimmons Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena gives us the scoop.
You may want to think again about using fat-free dressings on your salads. Find out why extra virgin olive oil and other fat-containing oils are better for you.
Raw garlic benefits surpass cooked garlic benefits, but both are very beneficial to your health while adding flavor to your meals.
What quantity of whole grains should be consumed each day? Find out what your body actually needs.
So many different types of sugars claim to be better for you than table sugar when most are not. Here are the cryptic names for sugar on food labels.
Discover cinnamon tips and tricks that can be incorporated into your life. You'll be amazed at what this SuperSpice can do to your mind and body.
Try these coffee substitutes instead of your usual cup of Joe in the morning, and breeze through to lunch – no buzz, no crash.
Buy almonds in bulk and make your own wholesome almond milk at home. It's fun, and you'll save!
There is a lot of misinformation out in the world about the health benefits of frozen foods vs fresh, but we did some research. Check out the facts.
The most important thing in buying oats and whole grains is to make sure they are fresh, not stale. You must also store them properly at home.
Stop limiting yourself! Your grocery store is full of an incredible array of foods waiting to be discovered. Check out our top picks.
We bet you didn't think getting all those beautiful red seeds out would be this easy!
Insect protein bars are just as nutritious but lower in fat than hamburgers--and people are buying it.
Yes, you read it right: A healthy dark chocolate hummus spread is here at last.
Lacuma has been dubbed the "gold of the Incas," but is lacuma powder a better choice than sugar? Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena digs into the science... or lack thereof.
Find out why you should skip meat once a week and see what foods you should eat as a substitute.
Dark chocolate benefits include heart health. Don’t eat as much as youcan, however. Keep caloric intake of this SuperFood to 100 calories.
The best dark chocolate options have the most amount of polyphenols, which are found in high levels of cocoa solids, so check the labels.
The blueberry nutrition facts are that fresh, dried, frozen or in juices, you’ll reap the benefits of eating (and cooking with) them in all varieties.
Pumpkin is powerful.  In fact, it’s one of the most nutritious, high-fiber fruits you can find. See why this golden gourd is more than just a decoration.
Walnuts are the headlining nut of Superfoods because walnuts benefits are the most impressive, with almonds and pistachios following close behind.
If you have a finicky child who refuses broccoli or if you dread eating broccoli yourself, give broccoli sprouts a try. Some even say it's more healthful.
Buying the right yogurt can be overwhelming, with so many different brands out there to choose from. Here are the SuperFood shopping tips for buying yogurt.
In less than a minute you can have a pretty and functional candle.
Not only can ice cube trays help with portion control, they can make your favorite foods yummier than ever.
Bags of ready-to-eat vegetables make it easy to get your spinach nutrition these day easy. Read our tips on how to incorporate more spinach in your diet.
Soy is one of the original 24 SuperFoods because it offers tremendous health benefits in your regular diet. Check out the different types of soy available.
Not only is the protein in low fat yogurt readily available, it serves to help the body use calcium supplements more efficiently.
The fishing industry has changed the way fish naturally eat. There's also mercury in the oceans. See which fish you want to incorporate into a healthy diet.
Fiber can really help you lose weight by making you feel fuller longer. Foods high in fiber increase the production of cholecystokinin, which does the trick.
For those addicted to television obesity rates are high. See how you can throw down the remote and put on put on your walking shoes instead.
The best tofu tips in the kitchen are to treat tofu as if it were meat and to clean up as if you'd just handled meat.
Watch this 19 second video to see that you really don't need a sharp edge to take care of the dreaded task of peeling.
With more antioxidant power than lots of vitamin E and vitamin C, blueberries benefits lie in their incredibly high levels of phytonutrients.
If staying healthy and losing weight on a budget is your challenge, look no further: beans are the delicious SuperFood answer.
Cooking pasta doesn't exactly take a degree in rocket science.
Apples are a source of antioxidants, fiber, potassium and vitamin C. Eating apples is linked with a reduction in heart disease, prevention in lung cancer and improved lung capacity.
Broccoli is one of the most nutrient-dense foods that prevents and fights cancer while boosting the immune system and cardiovascular health.
Find out how beans can make a huge difference in your health and discover the many varieties often forgotten.
Cans of diced processed tomatoes are surprisingly more beneficial than whole tomatoes (both are good for you). Here are tips that include cherry tomatoes.
When picking oranges, orange juice or even marmalade, you'll want to have the orange nutrition facts straight.
Wild salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are an essential but deficient oil in our diets.
Honey can treat respiratory diseases, urinary diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, blood pressure, constipation & cholesterol.
We want to buy fresh food, especially fish. Sometimes there are no fish markets nearby or buying fresh fish is too expensive. Is canned salmon healthy?
Avocado nutrition includes fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium. Avocado helps lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels.
The best way to get garlic benefits is from cloves, but garlic powder will give you the essentials in milder doses.
It seems to be all over store shelves these days, but is eating it a good idea? Is it better than wheat? Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena breaks down the current research for you.
Have you seen the cookies and cupcakes kids are given after a game or practice? Just because they're fit doesn't mean they should eat junk. We give you some great ideas for helping them perform better.
It's easier than ever to pack good stuff in your lunch bag. Here are some healthy ideas for packing lunch that will make them deliciously nutritious.
The benefits of beans are tremendous. See why they could be the ultimate SuperFood and get some ideas on how to prepare them for a great meal or snack.
This isn't about SuperFoods, but it's pretty fun nevertheless. Check it out -- you know, in case the zombie apocalypse hits and you need it in an emergency.
Don't get stressed in the snack bar aisle at the grocery store. Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena breaks down the facts with a simple, 3-part checklist.
It's easy to get your spinach health benefits in with prepackaged and prewashed spinach. Let spinach be your armor in the prevention of many types of cancer.
Learn the tips so you can buy the best!
With warmer days comes one of our favorite treats -- kiwis are summer SuperFood. See how to best use them.
This article contains important information on buying and preparing beans at home. You'll be surprised to learn what they can do for your health.
Soy products are not known for their unique taste. In fact, what makes soy unique is that it really doesn't have much taste. Get creative with spices!
People are shocked to find out tea is good for them. Really, is tea healthy? Yes, it's loaded with antioxidants. Also, drinking tea slowly is relaxing.
The health benefits of dried fruit are enormous—so much so, that we recommend using them in almost everything. See why they're so good for you.
These broccoli tips will help you get more into your diet, reveal what you should look for when shopping, and how best to store and prepare it.
It's the live active cultures in low fat yogurt that make this SuperFood a health-promoting treat. Here are some tips on choosing a good yogurt.
Avocado calories are worth the delicous, creamy and very nutritious indulgence. Here are some tips on how to buy and serve it.
Could it be true that drinking cold brew coffee is better for you than hot coffee? Discover the health benefits of cold brew coffee for your mind and body.
Wondering how to make oatmeal taste better? You’ll be surprised by how easily you can turn oats into something wholly new and delicious.
Pumpkin is very nutritious, and you can easily add it to your diet (and desserts!) with canned pumpkins, which are actually more nutritious than whole ones.
Summer has arrived with its rich bounty of fruit as fast food. See why this is the best time to change eating habits.
Citrus fruits are perfect as snacks and tangy ingredients in meals. These high fiber fruits are full of flavonoids, folate and pectin, all of which prevent cancer and other diseases.
Summer or winter, everyone loves a good iced tea. We have a great recipe here for you!
Don't let the fancy design intimidate you. This bread is very easy to make.
Why should you consider soy protein instead of meat once in a while? We've got the truth behind what soy has to offer your body and why it's a great thing.
Make your life easier and less messy with this cutting method.
Contrary to popular belief, you can eat right without spending a fortune. Here’s a guide to shopping for SuperFoods on a budget.
The benefits of soy milk and other soy products are amazing for those who are lactose intolerant, but don't forget that soy milk doesn't have vitamin D.
Some mayo packages label the condiment as a good source of Omega 3s, but that's not necessarily the truth. Find out about the deception.
Some food frauds are more dangerous than others. Read about the most common foods that are tampered with.
Summer just wouldn’t be summer without sweet, juicy watermelon. Fortunately, this fruit is also an amazing SuperFood. Learn more about watermelon nutrition.
Portion control is not something we can learn from restaurant servings, which are beyond super sized. Read about how much you should really be eating.
Are nonstick pans unhealthy? There's been a lot of confusion on the subject over the years, but our own Dr. Harris breaks down the facts for you.
Beans are the best alternative to eating meat. They are just as high in protein without all the saturated fat found in meat products.
Looking for a delicious breakfast idea that will fuel your mind and body? Look no further, this quick and easy recipe is amazing.
After this tutorial, you will never pass by the kiwis in the grocery store again.
You won't need all those funky sounding ingredients that are on Ben & Jerry's labels either.
This is so simple, clean, and safe you'll wish you learned it much sooner!
Who knew that homemade butter was this easy to make?
Having a hard time getting fish into your meals? Let us help you with some fresh ideas.
Food manufacturers have some leeway about how they label their packages. Learn how to read food labels and why the number 0 doesn't mean 'zero.'
Tomato and extra virgin olive oil are two SuperFoods with wide ranging benefits. They are great on their own but are extra powerful together.
Food experts are looking to bugs to feed billions as populations grow and food resources dwindle. Remember: Sushi was once a gross-out food too.
If you're anything like us, you absolutely hate peeling off the all that messy corn silk.
Move over burgers and beer. Here's something more exciting.
A secret ingredient in burgers, heart-healthy booze, a marinade and a topping that'll make meats more need to read this.
Try our simple ideas and come up with ones of your own.
This stuff makes baking without eggs possible--and delicious!
Scientists have compared the difference between fresh and canned vegetables. You'll be surprised by the findings.
Looking for tips on buying nuts and storing them properly? We've got some easy tips for you.
Get inspired to experiment with this versatile, sweet and delicious fruit in your favorite recipes.
Revive mushy brown bananas in a few easy steps. Don't let the blowdryer scare you off. This really works!
This tutorial will help you make perfect pineapple rings. Guaranteed!
Next time you grill, make sure to have a potato handy, even if you don't plan to grill one.
All you need are eggs, water and a dash of vinegar. Yes, vinegar!
See which foods can be kept in the pantry or on the counter. The refrigerator isn't a good place for all foods.
Watch the video and you'll be sure to peel your eggs this way forever.
Watch this video and learn how to do this in case you're ever in a bind at home or while camping.
Sprinkle a little love on your favorite beverages. See how!
Recycle yogurt lids so you can eat your snack anywhere without needing to bring along a spoon or use a plastic one.
Seems like a simple thing, right? Not so much. Here are the estimates for how long certain fruits and veggies stay edible.
Keeping produce fresh at home is difficult when most people are limited in the number of days they can shop for food. Thankfully, there are tricks to making food last.
It's tuna to the rescue during a blackout.
Who knew you can roast oranges, bananas, and chickpeas? Discover seven other foods you've never considered roasting and how to accomplish this feat.
This short tutorial will show you exactly how to make it happen in just minutes.
Discover how to get rid of fishy small in fish. This 60 second video will forever change the way you enjoy your Omega-3 rich meals.
You probably never thought of these simple but brilliant kitchen hacks, but we bet you'll use them regularly now.
Not all food myths are true or even remotely accurate. Here are the facts.
Here's the perfect video for how to preserve the life of your fruits, vegetables and even desserts.
Learn how to make foam for coffee at home without running out and buying a pricey cappuccino maker. All you need is a microwave, milk and a mason jar.
Your family and friends will be so impressed when they see a perfectly golden egg inside the shell!
If someone told you to designate half your grocery cart to veggies, would you do it? See how others reacted.
Make this SuperFood a centerpiece! It's easier than it looks.
Impress everyone at the breakfast table with your creation: white on the inside, yolk on the outside.
Of all the methods you've ever tried, this one's definitely the quickest and easiest. Check it out.
Once you learn how to peel garlic without ever touching it, you'll never go back to the flat-of-the knife trick ever again!
Eating healthy on a budget isn't just easy -- it can also be fun. Check out some of our secret tips and tricks to success.
Confused by all those oils on store shelves? We break it down for you.
Protein in turkey is not the only benefit of eating this extremely lean meat. Turkey is loaded with niacin, selium, B vitamins, zinc and tryptophan.
Olive oil nutrition facts: beneficial fat can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer while lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health.
Soy protein is low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. It can also help reduce your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.
Oranges are a crucial component of a healthy diet, and they are mainly grown in California and Florida.
Cinnamon benefits people with type II diabetes by lowering glucose and lipids levels.
The kiwi is the fruit most people don’t know much about. It turns out that eating kiwi is good for the heart and lungs. It may also help you sleep better.
Oats are low in calories while high in fiber, protein and other nutrients and phytonutrients. Oatmeal is also effective in lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.
In order to get the full benefits of onion nutrition, you need to slice an onion to release the powerfully curative properties of this amazing vegetable.
The health benefits of spinach seem endless. This powerful SuperFood helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, cataracts and macular degeneration.
tomatoes aren’t available all year round in some areas of the country, but you can still get your dose of tomato nutrition from sauces and even ketchup.
This is the time of year when tempting treats are seen at every turn. Check out our holiday SuperFoods tricks to keeping yourself in check.
Don’t let dinner be drudgery on those days when you’re rushed. Many of us arrive home with our starving kids in tow, and lots of homework that needs to get done.  With a little advanced planning, you can serve up a healthy, delicious meal in very little time.  Here are a few quick healthy food... Read more »
All pomegranate health benefits are in the seeds of this fruit, which yield about half cup of juice per medium pomegranate.
The health benefits of tea: lowers blood pressure, prevents cancer and osteoporosis, lowers risk for stroke, prevents skin problems and hydrates the body.
The health benefits of garlic are just as amazing as its ability to flavor dishes. It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral powers as well as other benefits.
See why this is one of the best fast food items you could ever order.
There are solutions to dry winter air that can cause physical discomfort like dry lips, eyes and mouth; sinus infections; dry cough; and itchy skin.
The most important of all portion control tips is measuring your food. Get some tips and tricks on how to easily make it happen.
Onions seem to be in most dishes. Do you know how to choose one or how to store it properly? Does it make you weep? Here are some useful onion tips.
Discover the unexpected benefits of cinnamon and how you can use it to enrich your health. You'll be amazed to learn how it fuels your mind and body.
Despite its association with unwelcome trips to the restroom, foods with fiber are highly beneficial.
Burning calories while gardening is yet another reason to grow your own vegetables. A fun family activity, gardening can also save you money.
Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday, but did you know your meal contains Thanksgiving SuperFoods? See why this meal could be good for your health.
Kiwis are delicous and nutritious. You can eat them in salads, smoothies, as a dessert and relish or blended into a soup.
Discover the many forms of soy protein and their benefits to your body. Find out how much soy protein you need and the best way to get it.
We love wild salmon because it's fatty and delicious. It turns out that the fat in wild salmon is beneficial and loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.
Learn the science to storing nuts and the benefits to keeping them fresh.
To get nut health benefits, eat them regularly. Studies have found nuts to be helpful in preventing heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.
Honey nutrition can easily replace sugar in your favorite drinks and snacks. You can also bake with honey by just taking a few extra steps.