Kiwi - Overview

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Kiwis are perhaps the first fruit to be named for a bird – twice. Introduced to New Zealand from China around 1906, the fruit was first known as a Chinese gooseberry (the first bird) probably because, like a green gooseberry, it has pale flesh. As kiwis became more popular, and international demand spread, New Zealanders proudly renamed the fruit after their national bird – the kiwi (the second bird).

The nouvelle cuisine movement of the 1970’s did a great deal to popularize kiwis in the US and today, California provides 95 percent of the US crop. Now kiwis, or kiwifruit, are popular the world over and deservedly so as their pale green and delicious flesh, reminiscent of strawberries to some and pineapple to others, offers a potent mix of nutrients that elevate it to the status of a SuperFood.
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