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Decreasing sugar in kids diets for just 10 days caused significant decreases in bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. Dr. Lindsey Mcilvena shows how you can easily do it for your family.
So many different types of sugars claim to be better for you than table sugar when most are not. Here are the cryptic names for sugar on food labels.
It starts with a chocolate kiss and ends at a late night date with Ben & Jerry’s. See how to cut your sugar cravings without much work.
The health risks of fake sugar include increased cravings and over eating as well as becoming more prone to cancer.
There are definite dangers of eating sugar. Some people may think that statement extreme, but it's true. See what the latest findings are on this situation.
A type 2 diabetes diet should consist of a breakfast for a king, a lunch for a prince and dinner for a pauper. A big breakfast is healthy for everyone.
Find out why beans and blood sugar can make excellent friends in your body. Discover what a cup of beans can do a day to keep you healthier than ever.
An increasingly large number of studies point to a link between dark chocolate blood sugar levels and gives us one more reason to love the cocoa.
It's shocking but true: A Tufts University study now labels sugary drinks as fatal. They report 184,000 fatalities a year that are directly linked to these drinks.
Many parents mix Nesquik with milk and feed it to their children thinking it's healthy. Nestle has cut the sugar content recently, but concerns remain.