This salad is a cinch to make and it tastes like you spent hours cooking it. Don't we wish all meals were this easy!

Hummus has met its perfect match with avocados, and you have to try it.

Being a vegetarian has never been this fun before. For hardcore carnivores: yes, you can add meat if you have to.

Once you make your own, you'll never want store-bought chips ever again!

What do you get when you mix oranges, yogurt and ginger? A creamy and delicious new taste for what used to be boring old salads.

This recipe can be tailored to your taste: Vegetarians can use cheese instead of turkey, and if you prefer chicken over turkey -- go for it.

Not sure what to do with that leftover wild rice? Turn it into an exotic salad that everyone will enjoy.

This healthy tuna salad recipe incorporates canned Albacore tuna with SuperFoods, eggs, mustard and spices for a whole new taste.

If you're tired of turkey burgers and plain old turkey breast, this is the perfect recipe to try out next time you plan to cook turkey. Who says you can only eat stuffing during Thanksgiving?

For a dish with an Eastern flair, try this amazing Asian-style honey mustard salmon with bok choy. It's easy to make and you have a few different options for serving it.