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We all need to eat to stay alive but many of us seldom think about how the food we eat effects our bodies. Learn the basics of nutrition and how proper food choices can make us healthier and happier.

SuperFoodsRx believes that making healthy food choices doesn't only prevent disease and prolong life but it also can be a lot of fun!

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Hottest Power Couple

ImageBy Merritt Rosen

With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, all eyes will be on Hollywood’s hottest duos…Brad and Angelina, Tom and Katie. But there’s a far more powerful couple heating things up in the kitchen: Tomatoes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Apart, these two SuperFoods protect, energize, and satiate; together, they amplify each other’s already extraordinary benefits.

Low in calories and high in fiber, tomatoes are a great source of caretenoids, which in addition to their incredible anticarcinogenic and immune-enhancing properties, help maintain radiant, picture-perfect skin. Tomatoes are one of the primary plant-based dietary sources of beta-carotene, an extraordinary carotenoid with the ability to be converted into active vitamin A. A crucial component for healthy bone and reproductive development, vitamin A also helps maintain skin’s youthful appearance by increasing cell synthesis and turnover, and stimulating collagen production.


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