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SuperFoods Partners, LLC is at the forefront of a powerful movement to reverse the unhealthful trends in diet and lifestyle that are affecting all of our lives.

Our team consists of doctors, nutritionists and scientists who have studied the most current nutritional science and are convinced that certain “superfoods” contain near miracle benefits. These studies have led to the publication of two bestselling books, SuperFoodsRx – Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life and SuperFoods HealthStyle – Proven Strategies for Lifelong Health. Look for a book on Weight-Loss in early 2008.   

SuperFoods Partners develops and market products that continue the science behind our message of health. Products such as our nutritional supplement and skincare product that contain and deliver the benefits of whole food based nutrients. SuperFoods Partners has created the SuperFoodsRx Kitchen, featuring prepared foods and recipes for the entire family. Look for our SuperFoodsRx Kitchen Pizza, the healthiest pizza on the planet, in stores late 2007.

Additionally, you may find our SuperFoodsRx logo on products in your local market.  You’ll know that they have all the qualities we find are crucial to healthy eating and living.

We never accept payment for our endorsement of another company’s products.   

The SuperFoodsRx movement continues to grow as more people learn about the benefits of making simple changes to their diets. Stay tuned as we continue to research and make available more exciting information about the superfoods.

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SuperFoods Partners LLC
10 Corporate Park Ste 130
Irvine, CA 92606

Phone: (866) 980-8379

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