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Shrimp and String Beans Toss

This salad is a cinch to make and it tastes like you spent hours cooking it. Don't we wish all meals were this easy!

Creamy Hummus & Avocado Sandwich with Sundried Tomatoes

Hummus has met its perfect match with avocados, and you have to try it.

Vegetable Garden Pita Sandwich

Being a vegetarian has never been this fun before. For hardcore carnivores: yes, you can add meat if you have to.

Kids Nutrition: How It Impacts the Lungs, Heart & More

Two scientific studies highlight how important our kids nutrition is and why what they eat now could impact their lives forever.

After-Sport Snacks – Options Kids Will Want to Eat

After school games are great, but parents often have a tough time finding healthy snacks for kids. We've got a list of them they'll love.

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