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A Sweet Death: Sugary Drinks Kill 184,000 Yearly

It's shocking but true: A Tufts University study now labels sugary drinks as fatal. They report 184,000 fatalities a year that are directly linked to these drinks.

VIDEO: New BBQ Ideas That’ll Wow You

Move over burgers and beer. Here's something more exciting.

Is Estrogen Toxic? Well… Kind Of

We all need it, men included, for normal functioning of our tissues, endocrine organs, our hormones, and bones. But is it toxic? We break it down.

VIDEO: Undoing a Fatty Meal–Heart Healthy Tricks for BBQ Eating

A secret ingredient in burgers, heart-healthy booze, a marinade and a topping that'll make meats more need to read this.

Video Tutorial: No Bake Red, White & Blue Trifle Cake

This cake takes minutes to prepare and it's absolutely stunning and delicious!

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